Hope's Journey

Hope's Journey

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ukraine Day Three

Today is a very exciting day for us ~ at 4 pm we will receive our referral papers for Nadia.  Last night we ate dinner at a lovely cafe in downtown.  We then walked in the underground shopping mall.  The stores are much like ours in the states.  One thing we did find interesting is that on the food menu you can also purchase cigarettes.  Hummmm??? Following dinner was sleep.  We are trying our very best to stay on Ukraine time. This morning we found a great little cafe for breakfast with delicious tea.  We just received a call from our friend Elvira ~she is the sister in law to our facilitator Konstantine.  We met Elvira last summer, she traveled with the children and was an intrepreter for us all.  She is a delight and we are so excited to see her today and spend some time with her this evening following our meeting at the SDA.  What a blessing to have friends in Ukraine!

We have been truly blessed these last couple of days for the rest we have received.  Rest physically, mentally, spiritually. This past year has been challenging for us in those three areas as we have prepared for the place we are today.  We cannot wait for the moment we see Nadia face to face ... ohhh how sweet.

Special prayer request our sweet Cole is sick with strep.  We were able to talk to him yesterday on skype and he seemed much better.  Kids respond so quickly to antibiotics ... but my sweet parents please pray for extra comfort and rest for them!

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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  1. And the excitement build! Glad to hear that Cole is better - we had heard via the Internet that he was ill and had offered prayers for him and your Mom. We offer thanks to our Father for the great work He has done in preparing you for this moment. I have passed your blog on to others at work & church and they are offering thanks to God on your behalf - some after hearing of Nadia's journey for the first time. Hold His hand & He will guide you to the Promised Land! My request is "Bring Nadia Home"