Hope's Journey

Hope's Journey

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We are finally with our Nadia!

Darrin and Kristi arrived in Dobro (the region where Nadia lives) on Friday, September 25th.  Since they do not have access to the internet or Facebook, I (Grammy) am updating this for them.  When they arrived in Dobro, Nadia and Alexy, director of the orphange, were at the gate of the orphanage to meet them.  Kristi said Nadia had the biggest smile she had ever seen and was so happy to see them.  Nadia is able to stay with them some at a home near the orphanage.  Unfortunately, no one speaks English and their interpreter won't be with them until Monday.  Life will become easier when the lines of communication are better.  The weather is beautiful, cooler on some days than others.  Monday is supposed to be in the 70's.  The remainder of the week will be cooler. 

This morning they went to church...didn't understand a word, but worship is worship anywhere in the world.  They feel so blessed that each step has been such evidence of God's sovereignty in this process.

As far as the process...they are waiting for their court date (in Dobro).  This may be 4-6 days.  After that, they will be able to go back to Kiev, where they will wait on Nadia's visa and passport to be issued.  Once they have those documents, which can also take 4-6 days, they will be able to come back to the states.

Please pray for them to have their court date in Dobro by Friday, October 2nd.  And pray for the legal documents in Kiev to go through super fast.  They would love to be able to leave earlier than firt thought.

Many of you have asked how Kendall and Cole are doing.  We had a rough start to this journey. Cole became very sick on the Sunday night that they left.  Monday he was diagnosed with strep and was given antibiotics.  He has continued to improve each day and hopefully will be back to normal this week.  Kendall has had a busy, but good week.  So now...week two begins for us all.  We are excited and look forward to everyone being together soon.

Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement!

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  1. Thanks for posting this update. I know their waiting is nerve-racking (as is ours). Thanks for all you are doing for "our" kids.