Hope's Journey

Hope's Journey

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Amazing Race

Kristi and I finally made it on the Amazing Race.  Of course it was not the one on TV that we love to watch and desire to do one day.  We had our own here in Kiev.  We started the morning early with a list of tasks to complete in order to be able to leave for home this weekend.  We had the best assistance from our personal driver, interpreter and facilitator.  We could not have done so well without them.  They were so excited with us as we completed necessary tasks. We love our Ukraine team!  We call them Team Nadia.

Making the most of our time was very critical and being ready at a moments notice to complete a requirement was a priority.  It was so evident that God had orchestrated each step as He has been doing with our process.  We were told that we accomplished today in what would have been 5 days.  Thank you God!!! It looks very good that we may leave this weekend.  We go tomorrow for Nadia's medical clearance in the morning and then to the US embassy for her visa.  Should we receive her visa tomorrow we can leave this weekend.  Pray this will be so.  If we do not receive it, we will have to stay in Kiev until next Wed because Monday is a holiday and the embassy will be closed.  We are so close!  Should we leave this weekend, our process will have taken 19 days.  It is unheard of to complete the process this fast.  Thank you for all of our prayer warriors, your prayers have been felt throughout our process!

Pray for Nadia, she dealing with bronchitis.  We have meds and she is feeling much better. 

We spent the day yesterday site seeing around Kiev. Here are some photos.

The entrance to a new memorial for those who died of a government caused famine during 1932-1933.  Over 4 million died of hunger. Amazing statue of a young girl holding 5 stalks of wheat.  If anyone was found with wheat, they would have been arrested or punished worse. Even if wheat was on the ground it could not be picked up and taken.  All was government property.

Our tour guide let Nadia light a candle and ring the bell in memory of those who died during the famine.

I found our house in Ukraine.  It was built in the early 1900's

It was a private residence for many years.  The roof is covered with all kinds of sea creatures, lions and various heads.  I don't think Kristi would like to live in this house though.
We have enjoyed walking through the parks in the city.  The leaves are changing colors.

Kristi's favorite place for a coffee.

Our apt building in Kiev. 


  1. All I can say is "Thank you God"

  2. It is 6 a.m. Friday for you right now... praying this day will go as well as Thursday did for you. Praying for the medical clearance and the visa process to go smoothly. Praying that you will be able to start your journey home. God, bless this family in a mighty way!!!