Hope's Journey

Hope's Journey

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A great day in Kiev

We have had a great 2 days in Kiev ... there has been time for rest, sight seeing and enjoying our time as a family minus two.  We were able to skype and visit with Kendall and Cole yesterday, we miss them so much! Nadia is enjoying her time as Nadia Aimee Brown ... below is a picture of the "offical document."

I think we are all missing her friends at the Dobro school (orphanage.)  Before we left we passed out lots of candy and many hugs and kisses.

Today we went to Independence Square where Nadia had an artist sketch a portrait, it is beautiful.

The weather has been perfect and we are enjoying seeing the trees change to amazing Fall colors.

Our time this evening has been spent watching Nickelodeon in the Ukraine language.  Just a few minutes ago we were pleased to find CNBC in the English language ... although that did not last long since Nadia was holding the remote. Later we had some fun with the camera ... we have never seen Nadia laugh so hard!

She had a blast taking some self portraits, she is quite the acrobat! Oh and look at those BLUE eyes! Sooo pretty!

Time for bed!  Nite Nite!


  1. Thanks for the pics - She is so alive! Give our love to her.

  2. I'm so glad you guys called us tonight, but I'm sorry the timing didn't work for you to join us for Hillsongs tonight! If you leave a comment on our blog with your email address, we can send you directions. (I won't publish your email address either!) Or email us at the address posted on our blog. We may be leaving Kiev tomorrow, but if not, we'd love to meet. Email or give us a call!